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Custom apparel that moves the needle

Show off your business, brand, or cause with embroidered products that are a thread above the rest.

Digital design

Using digital design software, we create a model of your design that includes the necessary stitching to bring it to life.


Once your design is digitized and ready to be stitched, the embroidery process consists of punching the thread into the garment...over and over again.


After we remove any excess backing and cut off any flyaway stitches, your garment is complete!

Questions about custom embroidery —

In brief, it is the process of converting digital artwork into a file that enables embroidery machines  to understand the needle’s path. When done correctly, it is an artform that decides how far apart stitches should be, the type of stitches that will be used and how dense the stitches should be.

The preferred file types are AI files; however, PDFs and JPEGs are acceptable as long as it is high quality.

Our Tajima TFMX machines can embroidery up to 15 colors.

We can embroidery on nearly anything apparel.

Embroidery designs are typically smaller, but if you want to go big try to keep it in the range of 10 x 10 inches.

Our turnaround is up to 10 business days once the order is confirmed.

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